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Blossom Collection imageThe Blossom collection is dedicated to providing the highest quality LED artificial flowers that are suitable for all seasons and occasions. We understand that lighting and decoration are two fundamental parts of any setting, and using advanced material and technology we are confident that our range will meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

We will continue to respond to the ever-changing needs of our clients and provide the products necessary to maintain the originality in a field that has unlimited opportunities.

The Blossom Collection proudly presents to the UK and Ireland the innovative PU (Polyurethane) technology to create flowers that are real touch and scented. This range not only has the natural beauty of real flowers with their vibrant colours and fragrance, it has the benefit of no maintenance. There is no need for water or exposure to sunlight, so your flowers remain fresh and perfect for any season or environment.

The high quality silk material creates a wide and extensive range of uniquely presented flowers in a host of colours and designs that capture all surroundings.

These visually authentic pieces with the key benefits of LED lights, no visual wiring and flexible stems set them apart from anything comparable in today's market.

Finally, as there is no need for an electrical supply the products are truly mobile so whether the flowers replace candles in your bathroom or are the centrepieces on your dining room table its features will revolutionise the artificial flower market and provide an alternative to traditional flowers.

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