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Blossom Collection 15 Light Christmas Wreath Red & Gold

Providing lighting and a unique point of interest, this beautiful large Christmas Wreath will brighten up any home. 

This Large Wreath features innovative silk material and 15 LED lights. Completely cordless with adjustable stems, it has all the beauty of a real plant with none of the maintenance.

This Wreath includes a buit in timer function allowing the lights to stay on for 6 hours and then go off for 18. 



  • Number of LEDs: 15
  • Colours: Red & Gold
  • Operates on 3AA 1.5v Batteries (Not Included)
  • To insert or replace batteries, open the battery cover and insert batteries into the compartment making sure the polarity is +/-
  • Energy saving LED bulbs
  • CE Certified


  • Switch the lights on. The switch can be found at the bottom of the battery cover
  • The lights will illuminate when switched on
  • To use the timer function simply move the swich over to the space marked timer and the lights will illuminate for 6 hours and come back on the same time every day. 

Our price £29.99


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