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Blossom Collection Calla Lily 7 Light Bouquet in white

Providing soft lighting and a unique point of interest, this beautiful Calla Lily Flowers Bouquet will add ambience to any room.

The Calla Lily Flowers Bouquet features real touch material and 7 LED lights. Completely cordless with adjustable stems, it has all the beauty of a real plant with none of the maintenance.


  • Number of LEDs: 7
  • Colours: White
  • Operates on 3AA 1.5v Batteries (Not Included)
  • To insert or replace batteries, open the battery cover by turning in an anti clockwise direction, and insert batteries into the compartment making sure the polarity is +/-
  • Replace the battery cover by turning in a clockwise direction ensuring it is securely fastened
  • Energy saving LED bulbs
  • CE Certified
  • Inbuilt timer function allows 6 hours lights on and 18 hours lights off. The lights can also be switched on and off manually.


  • Switch the lights on. The switch can be found at the bottom of the battery cover
  • Push the button in to turn on/off.
  • The lights will illuminate when switched on

*Please note, vase not included.*


  • 1 x Calla Lily Flowers Bouquet with 7 LED Lights - Scented

Our price £34.99


This Beautiful Lilly is perfect for any occasion It features: 

Number of LEDs: 7 

Overall Height: 65cm 

Colours: White 

Features: LED Real Touch Flowers with no visible wires, flowers bendable with adjustable stems 

Vase Not Included

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