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Blossom Collection Kapok 10 Light Bouquet in White

Providing soft lighting and a unique point of interest, this beautiful Kapok Flowers Bouquet will add ambience to any room.

The Kapok Flowers Bouquet features real touch material and 10 LED lights. Completely cordless with adjustable stems, it has all the beauty of a real plant with none of the maintenance.


  • Number of LEDs: 10
  • Colours: White
  • Operates on 3AA 1.5v Batteries (Not Included)
  • To insert or replace batteries, open the battery cover by turning in an anti-clockwise direction, and insert batteries into the compartment making sure the polarity is +/-
  • Replace the battery cover by turning in a clockwise direction ensuring it is securely fastened
  • Energy saving LED bulbs
  • CE Certified
  • Inbuilt timer function allows 6 hours lights on and 18 hours lights off. The lights can also be switched on and off manually.


  • Switch the lights on. The switch can be found at the bottom of the battery cover
  • Push the button in to turn on/off.
  • The lights will illuminate when switched on

*Please note, vase not included.*


  • 1 x Kapok Flowers Bouquet with 10 LED Lights - Scented

Our price £39.99


This Beautiful Kapok is perfect for any occasion It features:

Number of LEDs: 10

Overall Height: 65cm

Colours: White

Features: LED Real Touch Flowers with no visible wires, flowers bendable with adjustable stems

Vase Not Included

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